BlackRock's Paris office raided by anti-pension reform protesters

On the 01/08/20 at 8:07AM


Adrien Paredes-Vanheule

Tens of demonstrators on 7 January occupied the building sheltering the US manager's offices in the French capital.

Union protesters from French railway company SNCF and Paris public transport company RATP claimed the withdrawal of the ongoing massive French state pension system reform, throwing fake notes and using smoke bombs in the lobby of the building in which BlackRock France headquarters are installed. The scene was shot live by French media Brut and shared on social networks.

BlackRock has been targeted since mid-December by protesters against the reform as they allege that the US asset manager is influencing the French government upon the ongoing retirement system reform to impose privately funded pension schemes in France. In the aftermath of the protests, BlackRock France stated that it had never been involved in the ongoing French pension system reform. Last week, BlackRock France's president Jean-François Cirelli denounced an "unfounded controversy" after critics sparked on social networks regarding the Légion d'Honneur [French state honor medal, ed] he had been awarded by the French authorities on 1 January 2020. The firm also said it has sought by no means to influence the reform of the French unfunded retirement scheme.

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