Calvert sets up responsible investing institute

On the 10/06/20 at 7:27AM


Tuba Raqshan

Calvert Institute for Responsible Investing will focus on advancing understanding and promoting best practices in responsible investments.

Calvert Research and Management, a subsidiary of Eaton Vance, had initially launched this institute in North America but has extended access to European and Asian investors and asset owners through its online hub.

Through research, education and collective action, the institute  seeks to direct the power of the financial markets increasingly to addressing the leading global challenges of our time, including environmental degradation, climate change, racial inequality and social injustice. In addition to its internal research and education programs, the institute will partner with academic organisations industry groups and like-minded investors to create and sponsor third-party research focussed on ESG issues of concern to responsible investors.

The institute’s current research projects include exploring and assessing forms of corporate governance, human capital management, inequality and the financial materiality of gender and racial diversity, ESG integration, public finance, sustainable practices and the global energy transition.