Suspended sentences requested against BlackRock's French office raiders

On the 07/08/21 at 7:54AM


Adrien Paredes-Vanheule

The trial of two ecologist and anti-capitalism individuals who took part to the raid and deterioration of BlackRock’s French offices in Paris on 10 February 2020 took place on Wednesday during more than four hours before the 10th Penal Chamber of the Paris Court.

Some 90 anarchist and ecologist supporters had raided and deteriorated the Paris offices of the world's largest asset manager BlackRock. The action had been organised by NGOs Youth For Climate and Désobéissance Ecolo. None of the BlackRock employees had been hurt.

The public prosecutor requested six and four-month suspended sentences, with a two-year probation period, against the pair of raiders. She also asked for the duo to repair damage done in BlackRock's offices and to be prohibited from entering or residing in Paris. The public prosecutor said there were serious risks that the pair could reiterate actions similar to BlackRock's Paris office raid.

Attorneys demanded the acquittal of the defendants as well as the invalidation of the proceedings. The court will rule next 8 September.

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