AP3 infra manager purchases global digital infrastructure operator

On the 10/06/20 at 11:26AM
Polhem Infra has bought worldwide fiber network operator Telia Carrier for just over €900m.
Fiber network

Polhem Infra, the infrastructure investment manager owned by Swedish pension fund AP3, has purchased Swedish company Telia Carrier which features among worldwide digital infrastructure leaders. The acquisition is valued at SEK 9.45bn (€900.6m) on a debt-free basis.

Through this investment, Polhem Infra will become the owner of more than 74,000 kilometers of fiber network with 320 connection points in the world. The deal encompasses an agreement on strategic partnership. Telia Carrier and Telia Company continue to work together to provide services and develop new solutions for customers. 

“Telia Carrier manages and operates so-called backbone networks for digital communication with a high international standard. It is a long-term investment in digital infrastructure, one of our core areas, ”said Mikael Lundin, CEO of Polhem Infra. Recalling that Sweden has been a leader in investing in digital infrastructure since the 1990s, Lundin explained that a significant part of the data traffic in the world is transported through Telia Carrier's global fiber network. In addition, data traffic is set for a sharp increase given the ongoing transition to 5G networks and the development of the Internet of things. “Telia Carrier is today one of the largest companies in the world in this industry. This digital infrastructure is a national asset that Polhem Infra now owns,” Lundin added.