Danish pension fund PKA makes biodiversity push in real estate portfolio

On the 06/17/21 at 9:54AM


Adrien Paredes-Vanheule

The Danish pension scheme has initiated a pilot project to foster wildlife in properties it owns nearby Copenhagen.

PKA, the pension scheme for Danish healthcare professionals, has kicked off a green pilot project to gather biodiversity and housing development. The pension fund ambitions to use this project “as a starting point for more biodiversity across the entire company's property portfolio,” it said in a statement.

The pilot project concerns PKA’s Tinghaven properties located in the city of Søborg. Tinghaven is composed of 82 rental apartments spread over four blocks of three to five floors with large outdoor areas.

PKA is partnering with Ad: terra, a design studio focused on biodiversity projects, to bring in more nature in the outdoors areas of Tinghaven. “As an investor, we have a responsibility to incorporate sustainability into our real estate projects. This applies to both our choice of building materials and energy sources, but it is also about making room for the wildlife that already lives in the local environment. Therefore, we will investigate how we can use associated green areas to promote more biodiversity,” commented PKA’s senior portfolio manager Peter Gravesen.

PKA believes the biodiversity projects should be run by Tinghaven residents and contribute to increase community in the area. The pension fund said the project would be an experience base for future initiatives in other residential areas in PKA's property portfolio, which encompasses more than 10,000 homes across Denmark.  

According to PKA’s statement, the biodiversity project at Tinghaven will consist of transforming a 700-sqm meadow area into rocky dikes, that will shelter nectar plants and insect habitats for local species.

Danish environment minister Lea Wermelin welcomed PKA’s initiative, hoping that it will inspire other institutions “to dare to set areas free for wild nature.”

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