PRI reach 50 signatories in Latin America

Amérique Latine
On the 08/05/20 at 4:01PM


Adrien Paredes-Vanheule

The United Nations’ principles for responsible investment now tally 50 signatories in Latin America, representing regional assets of $453bn. What Eduardo Atehortua, head of Latin America (ex. Brazil) at the UN PRI, brands ‘a significant milestone’ has been reached during the month of July.

Atehortua said that signatory growth in the region, where the PRI set an office in 2018, reflects the growing investor interest in Spanish-speaking Latin America about integrating best global practices on environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors into investment processes. He stressed that a few regulators have started to promote responsible investment in the region.

In order to close LatAm’s gap with other regions that are more advanced on ESG integration, the UN PRI are planning a series of workshops in the coming months for the region’s 18 asset owner signatories for them to share knowledge and improve practices. “We have also recently launched an asset owner community in Latin America, which aims to empower key organisations to further the integration of ESG factors in the region,” said Atehortua.