Swiss institutional consortium commits to Danish infra fund

On the 12/15/20 at 2:52PM


Tuba Raqshan

AIP Infrastructure II, a fund focussing on energy transition assets in Europe and North America, received a significant commitment from Swiss institutional investors, including Retraites Populaires, Vaudoise and CPEG.

The commitment was made through Impact Partners, an alternative investment advisor based in Switzerland. The advisor brought together Swiss institutional investors, including Retraites Populaires, Vaudoise, and CPEG, to invest for an undisclosed amount in the infrastructure fund, with additional investors set to join during the first half of 2021.

In November this year, Storebrand AM became the first international partner to join the AIP platform as co-owner and co-investor. Additionally, with commitments from other pension funds such as PKA, PenSam as well as Storebrand and the Swiss group of institutional investor, the AIP Infrastructure II fund has reached its target commitment and will soon reach the €4bn hard cap for the fund.

AIP Management, a Danish investment company focussing on investments in energy and infrastructure assets in Europe and the US, has poured in €4bn into green transition projects. These include six European offshore wind farms, three onshore wind farms in Sweden and the US and four large solar power plants in California and Texas.