The Établissement de Retraite additionnelle de la Fonction publique (ERAFP), the first French public pension fund, will be divesting from companies whose turnover from thermal coal-related activities exceeds 10% of the turnover.
The Danish pension industry will invest more than €46bn in green transition by 2030, with investments in energy infrastructure and other sustainable initiatives such as green stocks, green bonds and energy efficient construction.
Private capital has never been given such an important role in tackling climate change and de-carbonising the economy. As Philippe Le Houérou, CEO of International Finance Corporation (IFC), says, the private sector “holds the key,” noting that it “has the innovation, the financing and the tools.”
Sharon Hendricks, Chair of CalSTRS (California State Teachers' Retirement System), revealed that divestment is not on the cards right now for the pension fund.

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