Croatian reg' authorises first ever ETF listing

On the 10/09/20 at 11:32AM


Adrien Paredes-Vanheule

Croatia's financial market supervisor Hanfa on Thursday approved the listing of the InterCapital Crobex 10tr Ucits ETF, replicating the main local index Crobex, and of the InterCapital SBI Top Ucits ETF, replicating Slovenia's main stock index. Both run by InterCapital Asset Management and domiciled within the InterCapital Roof Ucits ETF umbrella structure, which is the first ever Croatian exchange-traded fund authorised for trading on the Zagreb stock exchange.

Croatia is bolstering its asset management industry at fast pace. Last May, Hanfa had given green light to the distribution of the first cryptoassets open-ended investment fund in the country. The fund, which is run under an AIF format by Osijek-based boutique Griffon Asset Management, invests in bitcoin.