Digital infra focused ETF launches on London Stock Exchange

On the 10/14/20 at 7:54AM


Tuba Raqshan

The thematic ETF will capture companies that are positioned to benefit from the explosive growth of digital infrastructure and connectivity.

The Digital Infrastructure and Connectivity Ucits ETF (DIGI) was listed on the London Stock Exchange on 13 October, via HANetf platform by Quikro. The ETF focuses on firms positioned to benefit from the digital infrastructure, as global internet traffic is expected to grow 370% by 2022, according to Cisco Systems. The number of users and devices per user and the amount of data per device are set to increase. This could lead to massive transformations in economic, cultural and social needs as digitalisation is on the rise.

The ETF focuses on six key sub-themes of digitalisation from storage to end-user, including data centres, digital connectivity, data networks, digital transmission, digital processing and digital services and intellectual property. The roll-out of 5G, Cloud, IoT, VR, and other disruptive technologies, in addition to permanent lifestyle changes linked to Covid-19, will continue to accelerate the trend towards further digitisation and virtual communication.  With that arises a growing and insatiable need for digital infrastructure to support everyday digital activities and the immense amount of data flowing behind them, said Omar ElKheshen, CEO of Quikro.  

The ETF will follow a new index called Tematica BITA Digital Infrastructure and Connectivity Index (TBDIGI), comprising over 80 global equities that are in the forefront of the digital infrastructure revolution.

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