Nordic entity creates fully AI-driven investment approach

On the 12/04/20 at 8:04AM


Tuba Raqshan

Innolab Technology announced that its new investment strategy based on 100% artificial investment driven investment process will be launched in a fund on 1 January 2021.

For Innolab Technology, this is an important milestone, underlined Henrik Bak, partner and board member. “We have worked the past year on making our 100% artificial intelligence driven investment process available to the market, through a simple and easy to understand equity investment strategy and in a regulated fund format, which would make our investment strategy available for professional and semi-professional investors,” said Bak.

The new fund – GRIT Innolab AI Equity Arbitrage AIF – is an equity pair strategy based on more than 50 country and sector equity futures, with all selected investments having a long and short position. According to Innolab, the income fund’s strategy is designed to perform independent of the equity market, focusing on direct return.

Currently, the fund is available for professional and semi-professional investors in Denmark, Finland and Sweden.

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