Solactive unveils trio of 2°C-aligned equity indices

On the 03/11/21 at 8:06AM


Adrien Paredes-Vanheule

German index provider Solactive and climate data start-up right. based on science, in which the former invested in 2020, have launched three equity indices that are aligned on the scenarios of the International Energy Agency (IAE) upon a rise in temperature not exceeding two celsius degrees in 2050 (2°C and 1.75°C).

The three indices focus on developed markets equities (390 components), developed markets equities excluding US (282 components) and US equities (108 components). Similar index had been previously launched by Solactive and right. based on science on European equities (244 components). The German index provider had also unveiled bond indices aligned with the Paris Agreement requirements in 2020.

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