L’Agefi’s future will play out in Europe

On the 05/27/19 at 2:47PM


Philippe Mudry

Philippe Mudry, chief executive officer of L'Agefi, outlines the reasons that have led the leading French economic press group to launch Asset News, its new English-language pan-European investment news media.
Philippe Mudry, CEO, L'Agefi

It is possible to be European in many ways, not all of them politically correct. From federalism to sovereignty-light, the variety of opinions is as rich as the blue colour of the European Union flag. What they all have in common is their faith in a one-of-a-kind political undertaking, one that is, in fact, unprecedented in world history. Even 68 years after the European Coal and Steel Community got it launched, the ship is still sailing towards its destination, all the while being assailed by headwinds that threaten to capsize it. The United Kingdom has decided to jump ship, as it were, and other Europeans are hesitating on whether to stay the course or alter it. Some of them even believe the ship is about to run aground. But for L’Agefi and its team of journalists, the voyage is just now getting started.

L’Agefi is a 108-year-young institution solidly anchored on its domestic market, where it is the leading purveyor of financial news for professionals. On Monday it set out on a new adventure – Asset News, an online English-language publication targeted to the European investment community. Because, while it hasn’t always been smooth sailing, the Europe of investment is emerging before our eyes. Because the continent will soon lose London as a magnet and will have to rely on its own strengths in taking its place as a global financial market. Because this is a unique opportunity to promote a new version of continental finance, one that, beyond the market’s ups and downs, is dedicated to financing the real economy. Because this pan-European financial system must have media outlets that, because they are close to it, are able to enlighten and enliven its public debate. L’Agefi intends to be one of its leaders.

Asset News will provide, in addition to its own output, an English-language compendium of the best of L’Agefi’s editorial content on investment in all its forms.

Asset News will cover all the news in a daily newsletter that it sends out to the entire European investment ecosystem, including asset managers, private and other bankers, wealth managers, alternative investment managers, private equity investors, institutional investors, issuers, fund distribution platforms, regulators, professional lobbies, consultants and asset management service providers. With its Paris-based English-speaking editorial staff and backed by a European network of correspondents, Asset News will provide, in addition to its own output, an English-language compendium of the best of L’Agefi’s editorial content on investment in all its forms. The full package will be unapparelled among European media.

To serve its readers even more, Asset News will also give them opportunities to network with those persons who are building the future of investment in Europe. And there are lots of them, those who share its ambitions believe that common action is needed for completing the construction of a capital markets union at the service of sustainable finance. This is a crucial juncture for Europe, and L’Agefi will do its best to prevent any further delay.

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