‘Corona-related’ chosen as 2020 stock market taboo word in Austria

On the 12/03/20 at 3:59PM


Adrien Paredes-Vanheule


Some 4,000 industry representatives invited by the Vienna Stock Exchange on Wednesday voted for the stock market taboo word of 2020. As defined by the Vienna market operator, the chosen word reflects a situation that has burdened the financial community in the current year. “Corona-related” has thus triumphed over the two other contenders, namely “lockdown” and “dividend ban” even though the latter “caused some very heated discussions” said the Vienna market operator “as domestic value companies are highly sought after by investors, also because of their attractive dividends.” The “corona-related” term is succeeding “Brexit”, “punitive tariffs” and “negative interest rates” which were elected in the previous years. Given its cyclical composition, the main Austrian equity index ATX suffered more than other national indices this year. However, it revived in November thanks to the Covid-19 vaccine news. Hence, the ATX recorded a 24% jump last month which established a new high in monthly performance since the index was launched in 1991.