Euronext launches pre-IPO programme for EU tech companies

On the 01/13/21 at 7:45AM


Tuba Raqshan

TechShare, Euronext’s pre-IPO programme for European tech companies, will see 119 tech companies participating in a six-month training program covering the IPO process.
Credit: Euronext

The pre-IPO programme will see participation from 119 tech companies, with a strong emphasis on biotech, health tech and e-commerce. The participants have a mature corporate profile, generating on average annual revenues of about €16m and employ around 70 people. Two thirds of these companies are backed by private equity investors and have raised an average of €15m in capital before joining the programme.

Launched in 2015, the programme started with 30 companies from France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Portugal, steadily growing in volume and expanding to Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland and Norway.

Taking place from January to June 2021, the programme will feature four workshop sessions in each country with expert partners covering the IPO process, the legal perspective, IPO valuation, equity story, financial communication, corporate governance and post-listing life. These companies will also have extensive individual coaching with audit firms, lawyers, communications specialists and investor relations specialists for customised advice.