French retail investors flocked to shares in 2020

On the 01/27/21 at 7:35AM

According to the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF), almost 1.4m individual French investors placed an order to buy or sell stocks in 2020. “Of them, a little more than 410,000 had never placed a market order or had been inactive since at least January 2018,” the AMF said in its dashboard. The number of active retail investors in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) rose by 33% last year compared to 2019 to 233,000 and by 63% in two years. Just in the fourth quarter, 752,000 individuals placed at least one order to buy or sell a stock, vs. 945,000 in the fourth quarter of 2019. But the latter figure had been inflated by the popular success of the Française des Jeux privatisation.