Iosco issues ETF questionnaire for future guidance

On the 01/06/21 at 7:28AM


Tuba Raqshan

The International Organisation of Securities Commissions (Iosco) has issued a questionnaire on ETFs for industry participants.

According to Iosco, the purpose of this questionnaire is to support its mandate, seeking to generate a more granular understanding of certain topics regarding ETFs including during the Covid-19 induced market volatility in March/April 2020.

The questionnaire will focus particularly on fixed income ETFs and targets ETF issuers as well as market makers and liquidity providers, who are active in these markets. The responses will be used to formulate any potential guidance regarding ETFs in the future.

Individual responses will remain confidential and used in anonymous/ aggregated format. The submission deadline is on 1 March 2021 and the responses should be sent to