The French High Council on Climate (HCC) on Tuesday has given its view on the climate draft bill proposed by the government. The law is expected to improve ways to drive the energy transition and to reduce high-carbon emitting practices locally through 69 measures.
Responding to the rumours of UK stock picker Neil Woodford’s new business, Mel Stride, Chair of the Treasure Committee of the parliament, has asked the Financial Conduct Authority for a deadline on the investigation on the fund manager, who shut down the Woodford fund due to illiquid assets.
The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) cannot not rule out that similar circumstances to those of the GameStop episode in the US “may occur in the EU as well,” it acknowledged on Wednesday.
The European Union has pushed the finalisation of sustainable finance taxonomy rules to later in the year, following opposition from certain EU member states who called for granting natural gas a transition fuel status in the draft guidelines.

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